COVID-19 presents challenges so it is important that all clients read and understand this information. Grand Prix Travel® will continue to update clients with pertinent information where applicable as the Animoca Brands Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2022 approaches.

During your attendance at the Animoca Brands Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2022, you must comply with any direction given by the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and/or Grand Prix Travel® on behalf of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, the venues, including social distancing requirements, and any direction or guidance given by the State, Territory and/or the Australian Federal Government in relation to COVID-19.

You acknowledge, even with rigorous capacity and control measures in place, there remains an unquantifiable risk of transmission of viral illness, including COVID-19, at this time. You have considered that risk and your own personal circumstances, including:

  • Where there is greater capacity density;
  • Any health condition or vulnerability that you may have or that of persons whom you will be in close contact with may have following your attendance at the event;
  • For a small number of people, COVID-19 has very serious health consequences;

By attending the Animoca Brands Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2022 you, and any persons who attend with you, acknowledge and accept these risks.

You acknowledge and agree that all personal details will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Grand Prix Travel® Privacy Policy and Australian Grand Prix Corporation Privacy Policy.