Bass Strait Grandstand

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Located on the outfield at the lowest point on the circuit and backed by the dramatic coastline's undulating terrain and steep cliffs, Bass Strait Grandstand provides unique spectator viewing. Fans witness the world's best MotoGP riders rocket out of the Main straight and soar around the Southern Loop framed by Phillip Island's rugged ocean backdrop.

The grandstand's outlook regularly has fans holding their breath as the bikes careen flat out in fifth through the short straight out of Turn 2 before sweeping through Stoner Corner and breaking hard to take Turn 4 - one of Phillip Island's prime overtaking hotspots - in first. With a Superscreen positioned across the track and bars, food stalls and merchandise outlets conveniently located nearby, Bass Strait Grandstand is the perfect spot for motorsport connoisseurs to enjoy the fast-flowing intricacies of the Phillip Island circuit.