COVID-19 Refund Guarantee

BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE - Except as otherwise set out below Grand Prix Travel® (GPT) will provide clients with a refund of monies paid for all unused services* in a circumstance where that client's booking is affected by COVID-19 in any of the following ways:

  • Where the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix 2022 (Event) is cancelled or rescheduled as a direct result of COVID-19.
  • Where the grandstand capacity at the Event is adjusted by the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC), State, Territory and /or Australian Federal Government social distancing restrictions, and as a result of this adjustment to grandstand capacity, you are not permitted to attend;
  • Where State, Territory and/or Australian Federal border closures after you have purchased your package render it not possible for you to attend the Event and you can provide evidence of such at the request of AGPC and GPT. Clients seeking a refund in this case must notify GPT at least 7 days before the first day of the Event.

A refund for the Event ticket portion of the package is also available in the following cases:

  • A client is required to self-isolate or quarantine (and the Event falls within the isolation / quarantine period) due to i. testing positive for COVID-19; or ii. having close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19;
  • A client is i. feeling unwell with COVID-19 Symptoms; and ii. has been tested for COVID-19; and iii. is awaiting test results (and the Event falls within the period of awaiting test results);

Clients seeking a refund in the above two cases must notify GPT and AGPC of their need to cancel their Event ticket and obtain a refund at least 24 hours before the first day of the Event, and provide evidence of this need at the request of AGPC and GPT.

*Should any of the above circumstances occur after you have checked into your hotel and you check out of the hotel, please note, certain hotels reserve the right to charge a one (1) night cancellation fee.

For the avoidance of doubt, note the following does not qualify you for a refund of your package:

  • A requirement for you to quarantine in your home State after travelling to the Event.
  • Border closures and/or travel restrictions in non-Australian jurisdictions. Should clients be affected by overseas border closures and/or travel restrictions, these will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Cancellation requests for any other reason. Travel insurance is recommended.

Where a booking is cancelled by GPT due to COVID-19 and GPT is unable to obtain a refund for package components from a third party service provider or venue, including in respect of the souvenir merchandise, no refund will be provided for such package components. If no refund is provided in respect of souvenir merchandise, the merchandise order will be fulfilled.


During your attendance at the Event, you must comply with any direction given by the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and/or GPT on behalf of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, the venue, including social distancing requirements, and any direction or guidance given by the State and/or the Australian Federal Government in relation to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

You acknowledge, even with rigorous capacity and control measures in place at matches, there remains an unquantifiable risk of transmission of viral illness, including COVID-19, at the Event at this time. You have considered that risk and your own personal circumstances, including:

  • Where there is greater capacity density;
  • Any health condition or vulnerability that you may have or that of persons whom you will be in close contact with may have following your attendance at the Event;
  • For a small number of people, COVID-19 has very serious health consequences;

By attending the Event you, and any persons who attend with you, acknowledge and accept these risks.

Please also refer to the Grand Prix Travel® Booking Conditions before making a booking on this website.