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General Admission

The sensational Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit offers general admission spectators magnificent views from all around the track including a number of viewing mounds and giant super screens to ensure you don't miss any of the action.


Gardner Straight - Christened after Aussie racing legend Wayne Gardner, winner of the inaugural Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island, Gardner Straight Grandstand is located on the main straight at Phillip Island.

Gardner Straight Grandstand's prime location puts MotoGP fans in the hot seat at Phillip Island with views of pit lane, the MotoGP team garages and the bikes as they roar out of Turn 12, along the circuit's 900 metre main straight, across the start/finish line and disappear over the horizon and into Doohan Corner. And the grandstand's proximity to GP Expo, bars, food and merchandise stalls and circuit entertainment puts you in the thick of the action.

Bass Strait - Located on the outfield at the lowest point on the circuit and backed by the dramatic coastline's undulating terrain and steep cliffs, Bass Strait Grandstand provides unique spectator viewing. Bass Strait Grandstand puts fans in pole position to see the world's best MotoGP riders rocket out of the main straight, and soar around the Southern Loop framed by the Phillip Island's rugged ocean backdrop.

And the grandstand's outlook regularly has fans holding their breath as the bikes careen flat out in fifth through the short straight out of Turn 2 before sweeping through Stoner Corner and breaking hard to take Turn Four – one of the Islands prime overtaking hotspots – in first.

With a Superscreen positioned across the track to keep spectators up to date with the racing as it unfolds elsewhere, and conveniently located to nearby bars, food stalls and merchandise outlets, Bass Strait Grandstand is the perfect spot for motorsport connoisseurs to enjoy the fast-flowing intricacies of the Phillip Island circuit.

Lukey Heights - Located at the apex of the circuit's steep descent out of Turn 9, Lukey Heights Grandstand provides cross-circuit views all the way from the Southern Loop through arguably the track's most challenging section of racing.

Turn 9 itself is one of Phillip Island's most exciting corners with many a rider coming a cropper on this demanding section of the track. Testing the riders' courage to its limits Lukey's long left-hander leads to a blind crest, followed by a tricky downhill run and a challenging hairpin before the riders lean into Turn 11 – regularly an overtaking hotspot – that leads onto the crucial final kilometre before the start/finish line.

A true rider-favourite, Lukey Heights requires meticulous racing and perfectly balanced bikes. And, with track amenities and a dedicated Superscreen conveniently located, there's nowhere better than Lukey Heights Grandstand for fans to enjoy the view of this fast-flowing and highly technical segment of the circuit.

Siberia - Perched on the eastern side of the Phillip Island circuit and flanked to the left by the wild waters of Bass Strait, Siberia Grandstand is a true fan favourite, regarded by many as the best seat in the house.

The grandstand's prime location provides spectators with unmatched views as the bikes negotiate the Turn 4 hairpin and climb through Turn 5 before flashing through Siberia's sweeping Turn Six and roaring off towards Turn 7 headed for the circuit's northern reaches.

The panoramic outlook across the southern half of the circuit perfectly illustrates why the Phillip Island circuit is widely regarded a motorsport spectator's paradise, and Siberia Grandstand's proximity to food and merchandise outlets and bars, and the Superscreen located opposite the stand, ensures race fans' every need is covered.

Stoner Pavilion - Located on the outfield at Turn 12, Stoner Pavilion was named in recognition of the achievements of six-time Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix champion, Casey Stoner. Combining an open grandstand with views of the track and infield Superscreen opposite, and an undercover marquee just steps away to the rear, the Stoner Pavilion is the perfect location to enjoy the circuit its namesake once described as: “a classic track beyond anything else we race on”. As a Stoner Pavilion patron you'll enjoy access to exclusive facilities including a cash bar, food and beverages and private TV screens so you never have to miss a moment of the on-track thrills and spills.

Doohan Pavilion - Located on the outfield at Turn 2 on Phillip Island's Southern Loop, Doohan Pavilion is the ultimate grandstand experience on circuit.

The Doohan Pavilion features undercover grandstand seating and access to an exclusive pavilion at the rear of the grandstand with a cash bar, food, drinks and private TV screens so that you can keep up with the race when you're away from your seats.

As well as putting you in pole position at Turn 2, Doohan offers sweeping views of Turn 1 (AKA Doohan Corner), Stoner Corner and Turn 4, and the Superscreen located directly opposite ensures you won't miss a moment of the action elsewhere on the circuit.

3 Corner Grandstand

An opportunity to experience 3 different stand locations across the 3 days of the event:

Gardner Straight Bass Strait Lukey HeightsGardner Straight
Lukey Heights Gardner StraightBass StraitLukey Heights
Bass StraitLukey HeightsGardner StraightBass Strait


High Octane - Feel the suspense as riders appear into view as they crest Lukey Heights and descend into Turn 10 to tackle two of the circuit’s most challenging turns. This key overtaking spot is never short of action. Key features include outdoor viewing area with garden tables and chairs, morning and afternoon tea, full hot buffet lunch, beverages including beer, wine, cider, sparkling, soft drink, tea and percolated coffee.

Champions Club - With views all the way from the Southern Loop to Siberia, Champions Club is in the prime position for you to take in the thrilling race. With beautiful Bass Strait as your backdrop, you'll be spoilt for action as riders sweep through the high speed Stoner Corner, before braking hard for the hairpin at Turn 4. Key features include outdoor viewing area with garden tables and chairs, morning and afternoon tea, full hot buffet lunch, beverages including beer, wine, cider, sparkling, soft drink, tea and percolated coffee.

Pit Roof VIP Village Silver - With Pit Roof VIP Village Silver you'll enjoy Gardner Straight and Pit Lane action from right above the Moto2 and Moto3 team garages. Witness true bravery as riders battle at over 300km/h from the comfort of your suite. Key features include access to the northern viewing deck offering sweeping views from Turn 9 to Gardner Straight, located above the hub of activity so you can watch all the Pit Lane activity up-close. Morning and afternoon tea, full hot buffet lunch, beverages including premium beer, wine, sparkling, soft drink, tea and percolated coffee, access to the Pit Roof Bar with views of Turn 12, outdoor balcony, Saturday Pit Lane Walk (3-day ticket only).